10 Questions Your Guests Might Ask (and What to Say)

Something unexpected happens on the day of your event. You move from being the organisational genius behind the scenes, to a role in that’s very much in the glare of the spotlight as the Hub of Party Information. Stay on top of everything with these questions that guests are likely to ask before and during your event.

  1. Where *exactly* is the event? Include the building name/number, or landmark-specific directions to get people right to the door of the venue.
  2. How do I get tickets? Make the ticketing link obvious and publicise it frequently (if you use Get Invited ticketing platform, we’ll lend a helping hand on social media too!).
  3. What’s the best way to get there? Share driving directions or public transport information in the invitation. Mark parking locations on a map.
  4. Can I get tickets at the door? Let people know well ahead of time whether they can purchase tickets at the event itself and how they should pay for these.
  5. Do you take credit cards? (and if the answer is “No”, this will be followed by “Where’s the closest ATM?”) If you have any element of purchasing within your event, it’s handy to have a credit card reader (or two or three) on the premises.
  6. Is there somewhere safe to store my belongings? If your venue doesn’t have a cloakroom, have a safe, enclosed area for people to leave their belongings.
  7. Are there vegetarian/vegan/nut-free options? As a rule of thumb, you should try to provide food that suits a range of dietary requirements. Have a good idea of what’s in the food (and have the caterer on hand to answer specific questions.)
  8. What’s the dress code? Provide a clear dress code with the invites.
  9. What’s the wi-fi code? Display the venue’s wi-fi code in several obvious places.
  10. Where can I charge my phone/tablet/camera battery? Check with the venue if they allow you to set up a charging station.


If you’ve been asked any questions that have left you scratching your head, share them with the Get Invited community on Facebook or Twitter!