Nostalgic Party Food Your Guests Will Love

If you’re constantly searching for ways to set your next event apart, then you can’t go wrong when it comes to changing up the food. Rather than serving yet another finger buffet, treat your guests to something different. A taste of the past (with a modern twist) is sure to bring a smile to people’s faces!


Vol-au-vents. Who doesn’t love a morsel of puff pasty with a tasty filling? Try trout, horseradish and asparagus, cherry tomato, black olive and cream cheese, or that classic, chicken and mushroom.

Popcorn chicken. Serve this with a tangy homemade tomato ketchup.

Cheese straws. Especially good if you’re serving a heavier main course. Plus they’re incredibly quick, easy and inexpensive. Win!

Main Courses

Fish finger sandwich. Panko crumbed fish fingers with delicious chunks of flaky white fish and freshly made bread. Delicious!

Puy lentil lasagne. Until fairly recently, vegetarian options were extremely limited. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way today, with this delicious meat-free option. It caters for all tastes and fits in with your culinary theme.

Beef bourguignon. Get your guests to serve themselves from steaming pots of this French classic – it’s a great way to get everyone talking.


Eton Mess. Offer the classic option (strawberries, cream, crushed meringue) alongside variations. Event attendees will love to try the different options on offer.

Knickerbocker Glory. Bring back memories of childhood trips to the beach with this dessert. Pile glasses high with icecream, fresh fruit, cream, jelly and cream. You can go traditional with your choice of fruit, or you can opt for a tropic theme (pineapple, mango, passion fruit).

Profiteroles. Go wild with this one – the more varieties, the better! Don’t forget to consider the filling too.


Milkshakes. Served with a curly straw of course!

Negroni. The comeback cocktail du jour.

Hot chocolate. Alongside the ubiquitous teas and coffees at the end of the meal, offer mini cups of hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows. Irresistible!

Have you served any food that’s been a hit with your event attendees? We’d love to here! Share below, or on Twitter!