Do I Really Need a Keynote Speaker?

Finding the right keynote speaker (for the right budget) isn’t an easy task. Do you even need a special guest speaker? We look at the reasons for and against the traditional way to do events.

Yes, I REALLY need a keynote speaker!

  • I want a BIG name to encourage more attendees to come.
  • A keynote can be a large financial outlay, but it doesn’t have to be. I know some fantastic professionals who can add a lot to the event – they’ve years of experience, oodles of charisma and some great stories to tell. Just because they’re not well know doesn’t mean they can’t be the main speaker.
  • I want my event to move people to action. I want the session to take them on a journey that will inspire them to change how they view the world. Only a top-notch keynote speaker can achieve this.

No, I’m not so bothered.

  • I don’t have the budget for the keynote speaker I really want. I don’t want to compromise the event by hiring someone who isn’t the best fit.
  • Why focus all my energy on securing one well-known speaker when I can hire several great professionals (who people might not have heard of yet)?
  • I can’t find anyone who shares my event objectives. I’m going to work with different professionals who have the same aims as I do.

What’s your opinion? Have you ever put on a conference without a keynote speaker? Let us know in the Comments section below!